How Important is my Car's Oil Change?

As a vehicle owner, one of the first maintenance items you become accustomed to is your vehicle's regular oil change, which is needed typically between 3 months or 3,000 miles and 6 months or 6,000 miles. You probably head to the shop every due date to get your oil change taken care of without questions, but do you really understand the true importance of the oil change and why it is needed so often? 

When you visit GIA Service Center for your regular oil change, you are most likely getting your engine oil replaced, the oil chamber cleaned, and a new oil filter installed. Motor oil has a very important job - when your vehicle is running, oil is circulated throughout the engine. The oil helps keep the engine lubricated, helping to protect it from overheating as well as helping to avoid metal to metal contact between parts. While circulating, the oil also picks up debris and dirt which helps to keep the engine clean. 

When the oil picks up dirt around the engine, it brings it back through the oil filter which will remove dirt from the oil before it is circulated again. Over time, the oil filter will become very dirty and clog up, and this is when a replacement is needed.

So, what happens if you miss a regular oil change? When your vehicle runs on old, low, or dirty motor oil, you risk damage occurring to the engine. This damage can be part corrosion, damage, overheating, and grime buildup. For a service so inexpensive as an oil change, don't miss it to risk engine damage - which can be costly to repair. 

Although it may seem like a simple service, it is extremely important to the overall health of your vehicle. This is why it is extremely important that you always stay on top of our vehicle’s recommended oil changes. If you find that your vehicle is due for an oil change, don't hesitate to bring your car into the experts here at GIA Service Center today!